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Health Education Classes

*COVID restrictions will be enforced based on current LA County Public Health and CDC recommendations.

Planting a Plant

Living Well with Arthritis

Learn how to better manage your arthritis. Class topics include: Causes of pain and other symptoms, treatment options, pain management strategies, diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes that can help you live Life… well with arthritis. 

Kundalini Yoga Meditation

Managing COPD

Learn to live Life… well with COPD. Class topics include: Basics of COPD, treatments, COPD Zones, diet, exercise, stress management and lifestyle changes.

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Diabetes Management

Live Life… better with diabetes by learning the basics of diabetes self-care. Class topics include: Overview of diabetes and prediabetes, how to reduce the risk of complications, self-care guidelines, the importance of exercise, and healthy eating made easy.

Healthy at any age

Empowered Relief Pain Management Class™

This is an evidence-based, skills based, pain management class developed at Stanford University, and is taught by certified instructors only. This class helps participants understand the emotional and physical aspects of pain, and equips them with pain management skills that can be used right away. Participants receive a free binaural relaxation audio-file, and a personal pain relief plan.

Routine Checkup

"Baby and Me" Prenatal Program

This program  provides members support from a licensed nurse throughout pregnancy. Educational workshops help participants understand each stage of pregnancy, healthy eating, safe exercises, labor, delivery, breastfeeding and newborn care.

Family At Church

Smoking Cessation- Getting Ready to Quit

Get tips and tools to become a non-smoker for Life… Class topics include: Understanding addiction, triggers, motivation to change, coping and stress management strategies, diet, exercise and goal setting.

Outdoors Yoga Class

Safe Today, Healthy for Life -Fall Prevention

Raise your knowledge and awareness about fall prevention. Class topics include: Fall risk factors, strategies to decrease risks, diet and exercise. 

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Healthy Heart for Life

This class will help you understand how making small changes can help you improve your heart health for Life… Class topics include: Overview of each condition, risk reduction, heart healthy eating tips, stress management, and lifestyle changes.

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Managing Heart Failure

Learn to live Life  well with heart failure. Class topics include: Basics of heart failure, treatments, CHF Zones, diet, exercise, stress management and lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle counseling

Healthy for Life...Weight Management Program

A series of classes with a different focus each month that will provide you with tips and tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle through your weight loss journey. Class topics include: Basic nutrition, meal planning, exercise, grocery shopping, stress management, problem solving, goal setting and more!

Smiling medical team

Getting Ready for Surgery

These classes provide attendees with important information on preparing for, and recovering from surgery. Classes provide an opportunity to ask questions and cover a range of topics.

  • Getting Ready for Joint Replacement Surgery

  • Getting Ready for Spine Surgery

Diabetes Support Group.png

Diabetes Support Group - Let's Talk About Diabetes

You'll find emotional support, learn how to manage your diabetes better, and stay motivated to lead a happier, healthier life. Plus, you won't feel alone in this journey anymore. Together, we'll share knowledge and tackle challenges. Join us today to take better control of your diabetes and improve your overall well-being.

Back Care Basics Image_edited_edited.jpg

Back Care Basics

Live Life… with less back pain! Uncover causes and effects of back pain, the anatomy of the spine and learn self-management tools such as relaxation techniques, proper body mechanics, anti-inflammatory nutrition and exercises. Empower yourself with essential knowledge and practical skills to alleviate back pain and enhance your overall well-being.

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